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Where is your store location?

We are located at 7908 Granville St, Vancouver

Do your products need to be refrigerated?

YES. All products are made with dairy, and need to be  stored in the refrigerator at all times.

How long are your products good for?

All products are best consumed within 2 days. Products with mochi are best consumed on the day of pickup. 

Are your cakes nut-free?

Some flavours may contain nut content, please indicate any allergies prior to your order.

(DM IG or WeChat)

Cake Size Guide:


- 6" cake can serve up to 6-8 ppl

- 7" cake can serve up to 8-10 ppl

Cake Message:

We offer a free birthday cake topper ("Happy Birthday") OR a topper that you can write a message on it for all cake orders.

The maximum number of characters we can write on the topper is 28 (including symbols), for example:

“Happy Birthday Grandma & Grandpa LOVE” contains 32 characters, the excess 4 characters “LOVE” will be excluded from the written message.

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